About The Project


New Federal Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) natural gas pipeline inspection and safety standards prescribe the use of specific pipeline safety and integrity assessment tools for use in certain transmission pipelines. These requirements apply to all owners and operators of natural gas pipeline systems, including natural gas utilities such as Piedmont Natural Gas. Not every pipeline covered by the new inspection requirements, however, is compatible with the assessment tool (known as an “in-line inspection device” or ILIP) or the facilities necessary for its use. In Piedmont’s case, there is a section of natural gas pipeline located primarily in the southern portion of Nashville that is not compatible with the specified assessment tool. Reconfiguring the existing pipeline system to meet D.O.T. requirements, including the design and construction of a new section of transmission pipeline, has therefore become necessary.

While this upgrade in infrastructure will ensure that we are compliant with D.O.T. requirements, it will also allow Piedmont to continue providing natural gas service safely and reliably to its existing customers and to grow as the Nashville community grows. The project also represents a significant investment (approximately $60 million) within the Nashville community.

About Piedmont Natural Gas
Piedmont Natural Gas is an energy services company primarily engaged in the distribution of natural gas to more than one million residential, commercial, industrial and power generation utility customers in portions of North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, including 52,400 customers served by municipalities who are wholesale customers. Our subsidiaries are invested in joint venture, energy-related businesses, including unregulated retail natural gas marketing, and regulated interstate natural gas transportation and storage and intrastate natural gas transportation businesses. More information about Piedmont Natural Gas is available on the Internet at www.piedmontng.com.