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Piedmont Natural Gas Contact

Piedmont Natural Gas Contact

Piedmont Natural Gas
4720 Piedmont Row Drive
Charlotte, NC 28210

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Telephone: 704-364-3120

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In order to remain in compliance with new Federal Department of Transportation natural gas pipeline inspection and safety standards, Piedmont Natural Gas will be installing a new pipeline in the southern part of Davidson County. In order to help determine the actual route for the new pipeline, Piedmont Natural Gas will be conducting a land survey and assessment study. Listed below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) from property owners about the survey and assessment.

How else is Piedmont addressing the environmental impacts of the pipeline route through RLSNA?

Piedmont has also engaged biologists to survey and examine the proposed pipeline route through RLSNA with respect to streams, wet weather conveyances, seeps, springs, sinks, wetlands, glades, rate species, and associated habitats. Information on rare species known to occur in the general project area was also obtained from TDEC’s Division of Natural Areas and from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) was also contacted regarding the project. RLSNA management was consulted regarding sensitive environmental areas and rare species known to be present in the area. Through TRC Environmental Corporation (TRC), Piedmont has also had preliminary background research conducted with respect to previously recorded significant cultural resources (archaeological, architectural, and historic sites) which might pose challenges in developing the project area. Further detail about these efforts may be found in Piedmont’s formal filing with TDEC.

About Piedmont Natural Gas
Piedmont Natural Gas is an energy services company primarily engaged in the distribution of natural gas to more than one million residential, commercial, industrial and power generation utility customers in portions of North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, including 52,400 customers served by municipalities who are wholesale customers. Our subsidiaries are invested in joint venture, energy-related businesses, including unregulated retail natural gas marketing, and regulated interstate natural gas transportation and storage and intrastate natural gas transportation businesses. More information about Piedmont Natural Gas is available on the Internet at