Property Owners

Land Usage / Reimbursement

The installation of a new pipeline typically requires the acquisition of numerous property easements, or rights-of-way, from landowners along the route of the new pipeline. The acquisition of easements typically follows the completion of the land surveying process. Once the survey work is complete, landowners whose property falls within the route of the pipeline will be provided with a survey map of their property indicating the exact width and total area of the easement being sought. In some cases, the easement may include temporary work space to be returned to the landowner after construction and restored to its original condition for full use.

In the case of Piedmont’s South Nashville Pipeline project, Piedmont will be acquiring easements from various property owners along the pipeline’s route, but will not need to acquire large tracts of land or homes. As the purchaser of such an easement, Piedmont,

  • Has a legal right to use the acquired easement for a specific and limited purpose;
  • Does not own the property;
  • Retains the use of the land for the specified purpose in perpetuity.

The landowner who grants the easement,

  • Is reimbursed financially, through a negotiation with the easement holder;
  • Retains ownership and use of the property, with certain limitations.

If your property is one that Piedmont would like to negotiate an easement agreement for, you will be contacted by a Piedmont land representative. He or she will schedule an appointment to meet with you and help you understand all the proposed features of the pipeline, including alignment, underground depth, pipe size, temporary and permanent width of the easement and any above ground equipment.

In negotiating an easement agreement with a property owner, Piedmont

  • Is committed to dealing openly and honestly with the landowner in order to arrive at a fair value for the easement,
  • Utilizes independent qualified professional land consultants to assess land values fairly.

Values are based on market value principles, market values for comparable real property in the immediate area of the easement being acquired and the amount of land needed. After terms and compensation have been mutually agreed upon, the landowner will need to sign an easement agreement, and a check will be issued within two weeks to the property owner.

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